Forty Years of the Trier Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation

Forty Years of the Trier Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation - Foreword - Translation by Frankie Kann, Trier



The Trier Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation exhibits forty years of work. These decades have provided incentives to promote dialog between Jews and Christians in Trier and to maintain this dialog. The society has launched its own initiatives, but many other groups have been invited into this cooperation.

A good relationship exists today in Trier between those leaders in politics, the Church, and other associated groups, and the Trier Jewish religious community. This Jewish community itself has grown and impressively demonstrated at the “50th Anniversary of the Trier Synagogue” that it is once again an important element in the city’s religious life.

The good relationship between Jews and Christians cannot be taken for granted after the Holocaust, not even decades later. This relationship must be fostered and reworked again and again. New conflicts cannot be avoided; they must be cleared up in dialog, also in dialog with those involved locally.

The brief retrospective presented in this brochure is to encourage us to meet the respective challenges facing us in the future. Especially the article by Jürgen Moltmann, Professor, will help lead the way.

Dr. Marianne Bühler, Chairperson 2003 - 2011